Ten individuals from the world of economics, politics, education, and culture make up the Board of Trustees. The Board membership is unsalaried.

Dr. Christian Wenger
President of the Board
Lawyer Business and Commercial Law

Prof. Dr. Michael Schaepman
Vicepresident of the Board
Vice President Research UZH
Co-founder/-owner Netcetera AG

Dr. Eveline Saupper
2nd Vicepresident of the Board
Lawyer and tax expert
Member BoD: Clariant, Georg Fischer and Zurich Airport

Peter E. Bodmer
Member of the Board of the University of Zurich (UZH)


Dr. Felix R. Ehrat


Prof. em. Dr. Felix Gutzwiller
Former Ständerat
Member of different Board of Directors and Board of Trustees

Dr. Peter R. Isler
President UZH Alumni

Jennifer Maag
Managing Partner Capital Concepts International (CCI)


Cyrill Schneuwly
CEO Intershop Holding AG


Stefan Schnyder
Vice President Finance and Human Resources UZH