The Board of Trustees of the UZH Foundation has undergone changes. In its first meeting in March 2020, the UZH Foundation thanked and bid farewell to four of its members, who left a mark on the foundation. Despite their departure, the foundation will continue to be able to draw on in-depth expertise and develop further with new board members.

Lasting mark on the foundation
Since the UZH Foundation was established in 2012, the Board of Trustees has been setting the strategic course to acquire additional third-party funds to support research at the University of Zurich through fundraising efforts. Now, the foundation’s President Dr. Peter F. Weibel as well as two long-serving Board of Trustees members, Dr. Claudia Steinfels and Prof. em. Dr. Conrad Meyer, have decided to step down from their role and focus on new challenges. Prof. Dr. Michael Hengartner, President of UZH and Vice President of the UZH Foundation, had already decided to resign at the end of 2019 and join the ETH Board. With their great commitment and expertise, these people made the UZH Foundation into what it is today: A professional university fundraising institution whose activities have already helped realize numerous research projects. We would like to express our deep gratitude to Peter F. Weibel, Michael Hengartner, Claudia Steinfels and Conrad Meyer and wish them all the best for their future.

Wechsel Stiftungsrat 2020 Gruppe AEF5084 web
Pictured, from left to right: Prof. em. Dr. Felix Gutzwiller, Dr. Eveline Saupper, 2nd Vice President, Dr. Felix R. Ehrat, Stefan Schnyder, Vice President Finances and Human Resources UZH, Dr. Christian Wenger, President of the Board, Prof. em. Dr. Conrad Meyer (until 2020), Dr. Peter F. Weibel, President of the Board until 2020, Peter E. Bodmer, Jennifer Maag, Prof. Dr. Michael Schaepman, Vice President Research UZH, 1st Vice President, Dr. Peter R. Isler. Not pictured: Prof. Dr. Michael O. Hengartner, former President UZH, Vice President until 2020, Cyrill Schneuwly, Dr. Claudia Steinfels (until 2020)

Welcome to the team
The UZH Foundation welcomes five new members to the Board of Trustees in 2020. By electing Peter E. Bodmer, member of the Board of the University, and Stefan Schnyder, member of the Executive Board of the University, the foundation has added two people who are already very familiar with the university. Peter E. Bodmer is a proven expert in the field of real estate, which is potentially one of the foundation’s future business areas, while Stefan Schnyder, who oversees UZH’s finances and human resources, will have an important role bridging the gap between the foundation and the university.

In addition, Jennifer Maag, Cyrill Schneuwly and Dr. Felix R. Ehrat were elected to the board from outside the university. Jennifer Maag has many years’ experience working in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions, Cyrill Schneuwly further adds to the UZH Foundation’s real estate expertise as the long-standing CEO of Intershop Holding AG, and Felix R. Ehrat, former General Counsel of Novartis AG and professional board member, provides the organization with an extensive network of contacts.

The UZH Foundation is convinced that these five new members provide a boost to its important core skills and increase its ability to further improve the foundation’s standing. We therefore welcome Peter E. Bodmer, Stefan Schnyder, Jennifer Maag, Cyrill Schneuwly and Felix R. Ehrat to the team and wish them much enjoyment and success in their new roles.

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