Discovering Talents, Promoting Scholars

Developing the careers of highly qualified junior academics is key to maintaining Switzerland’s spirit of innovation and competitive edge. Talented young students and researchers should be given the opportunity to apply for positions that offer academic autonomy and the chance to take on responsibility early in their careers. The resources needed to make this happen are provided through grants and scholarships as well as practically relevant education – to help promising up-and-coming researchers develop into the successful scientists of tomorrow.

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Your Support

Every gifted person who needs financial aid but is unable to get it is a lost opportunity for Switzerland. If this support is missing, it is impossible to build up a sound foundation for a bright future – for current as well as future generations. UZH is looking to raise extra third-party funds to systematically support talented junior researchers and allow them to pursue solid careers in academia regardless of their financial background. As a donor, you can help promising junior researchers gain access to university education and strengthen Switzerland as a business location in the long term.