Gifting Children Hope

Gene therapy is often the last resort for children suffering from a rare disease called septic granulomatosis. People with this congenital immune deficiency can’t fend off fungal or bacterial infections. A team led by Prof. Dr. Janine Reichenbach from the University Children’s Hospital Zurich has already successfully used gene therapy to treat small children. Now a new approach is to be developed and tested in a clinical study to make this treatment even more effective and safe. And for this we need your support.

Strategically embedded
Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, top-flight interdisciplinary research and long history of cooperation between the UZH, the University Children’s Hospital and the UniversityHospital Zurich, the Zurich research hub is to take a pioneering role for new gene therapies and become a center of competence for gene and cell therapies.

Gentherapie pixabay
Helping children lead healthy lives thanks to gene therapy. (©pixabay)

Your Support

The research team led by Prof. Dr. Janine Reichenbach is currently planning to conduct a clinical trial with 10 patients. Five of these young patients will be treated at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich and five at the cooperating hospital in Paris. We need your support to make this innovative treatment a reality!


Overview of projects
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