Leave Your Mark – with a Bequest for the University of Zurich

A fulfilled life, whether professional or private, can be a source of great personal gratitude. What if you could pass something of it on to the next generation? With a bequest, you can provide researchers at the University of Zurich with the resources they need to find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Pave the way for research with a bequest

As a comprehensive university, the seven faculties of the University of Zurich (UZH) cover all aspects of life. The choice of areas to support is correspondingly diverse. For example, in addition to subject areas such as human or veterinary medicine, you can also choose to specifically benefit individual faculties or institutes/departments with a bequest. The bequest or endowment can be earmarked for a specific project or topic of your choice, or you can allow it to be used by the UZH Foundation for an unspecified purpose. It is also possible to establish personally named and themed funds within the UZH Foundation. Regardless of what form you decide on for your bequest, your legacy will pave the way for exciting new university projects, enabling you to continue shaping research at the University of Zurich beyond your lifetime.

Writing a will at an early stage creates freedom and clarity

Deciding what will happen to your estate at an early stage gives you peace of mind and allows you devote your energy and time to the finer things in life, such as grandchildren, travel or continuing education. In addition, it provides clarity for your family and relatives – by leaving a clear will, you create transparency, meaning disputes and lengthy discussions are avoided. You are free to decide during your lifetime to which person or institution you wish to bequeath your assets and thus ensure you continue to have an influence beyond your lifetime. This gives you security, especially when you know that your valuable legacy and bequest is in good hands with the University of Zurich.

We are happy to advise you personally

During the process of deciding how to settle your affairs, many questions may arise which are best discussed in person. How is the legal order of succession dealt with? How should I word my will correctly? What obligations do I need to take into account? What are the possibilities to support the University of Zurich with a bequest? 

Please contact us: Catja Frommen is available via e-mail or phone (+41 44 634 61 83) to answer your questions about possible forms of support in a no-obligation discussion.


Catja Frommen
Legacies and Philanthropy

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