The Botanical Gardens Foundation helps keep Zurich green

The University of Zurich’s Botanical Garden benefits research, teaching, public education and recreation.

Thanks to its proximity to the university’s research and teaching activities as well as its cooperation with the Herbarium, the new Botanical Garden is a place where education and plant diversity can thrive. The foundation supports all activities and needs of the Botanical Garden.

Huge diversity of plants and flowers

The new Botanical Garden is home to some 7,000 plant species. Covering an area of around 53,000 m2, the garden’s winding paths lead visitors past various habitats that feature alpine plants, Mediterranean vegetation, aquatic plants and exotic flora found in the tropics and savannas. Islands of plants are dedicated to specific topics, such as medicinal plants found in Switzerland, incense plants as well as the most important medicinal systems of Eurasia. The garden thus showcases the entire range of poisonous, medicinal and food plants. The Botanical Garden is also involved in nature conservation, for example through the national seed bank for wild plants in Switzerland.

Developing the Botanical Garden

The new Botanical Garden is part of the Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany. The foundation for UZH’s Botanical Gardens supports all activities and needs of the university’s Botanical Gardens.

The advisory board is made up of the following members:

  • Prof. Dr. Elena Conti, Director of the UZH Institute of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany, Chair
  • Dr. Caroline Weckerle, Head of the UZH Botanical Garden

Support our Botanical Gardens

Do you want to support the Botanical Garden? With your donation, you can help the Botanical Garden and its 7,000 plant species to flourish.

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