Support UZH with Your Donation

Do you want to be play a part in ground-breaking research at Switzerland’s largest university? We’ll find the most suitable projects for you. You can support them with a donation or bequest to the University of Zurich (UZH) according to your preferences.

Projects supported by the UZH Foundation cover the whole range of UZH’s strategic activities in research and teaching across all faculties. If you are interested in a specific topic or have a special idea in mind, we are happy to look into the options available to you. We are also happy to arrange a meeting with the relevant researchers in a particular field. Once you have decided on a project or area, we will keep you up to speed on the progress and results made thanks to your support. We will also make sure that your donation or bequest is used for your specified purpose at all times.


Donate to Specific Projects

This type of donation allows you to focus your support on the University of Zurich’s strategic projects. Donations that are not tied to a specific purpose go into the President’s Fund of the UZH Foundation and offer flexible support for a variety of projects. 

Make a Difference with a Bequest

You can use your will to support the UZH Foundation through a bequest or legacy. This can be for a specific purpose, or simply benefit various projects in a general way at the discretion of the UZH Foundation. It is also possible to create a personalized fund at the UZH Foundation that bears your name and is used for a specific purpose.