Understanding Our Changing Society through Media Research

The fög media research fund boosts research into the changing media landscape at UZH’s Center for Research on the Public Sphere and Society. The center’s research provides meaningful analyses that are used in teaching and for reputation analysis purposes.

Established in 1997, the foundation promotes research into the digital structural change of the public media sphere, in particular the transformation of media and the associated consequences for our society, economy and politics.

Reputation als Pulsmesser

The focus is on the following questions, among others: What is the state of disinformation (fake news) in Switzerland? How can media literacy be promoted among young people, most of whom frequently use social media? What impact is digitalization having on the reputation of companies, other organizations and their representatives? What are the risks when an organization exposes itself in the digital world and expresses opinions that stir up a storm on social media?

Advisory Board

The advisory board is made up of the following members:

  • Prof. Dr. Mark Eisenegger, Director of the UZH Center for Research on the Public Sphere and Society, Chair
  • Daniel Künstle, CEO commsLAB AG
  • Maude Rivière, Managing Director of the UZH Center for Research on the Public Sphere and Society
  • Dr. Alexander Fleischer, Reputation Expert

Yearbook Quality of the Media

Every year, the fög publishes a comprehensive study of the Swiss media landscape under the title "Yearbook Quality of the Media".



Tonja Küng
Executive Assistant /
Subsidiary Foundations

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