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Which payment options can I use to support the University of Zurich?

1. You can support your preferred project easily online through our online donation widget. You can donate by credit card, PayPal, Twint or Swiss Post account.

2. You can donate to the UZH Foundation’s bank account via online banking or use a payment slip, which we will gladly send you by post.

Is my donation my tax-deductible?

Yes. The UZH Foundation is exempt from tax and subject to the Canton of Zurich’s foundation oversight. In Switzerland, donations to tax-exempt organizations are tax-deductible under cantonal provisions.

Which projects are supported?

An overview of the focus topics and projects we are currently supporting is available on our website. If you have a special topic or idea in mind that you’d like to support, we are happy to look into the options available to you. Please get in touch so that we can discuss your plans.

Why does the University of Zurich need external funding?

UZH receives almost half of its funding from the Canton of Zurich, which covers the basic costs of teaching and research. To finance research projects, UZH seeks additional third-party funds, including from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). These amount to over CHF 300 million per year. The UZH Foundation acquires these funds on behalf of UZH from private persons, foundations and businesses. Last year, the UZH Foundation raised funds in the amount of around CHF 30 million. This enables UZH to quickly and directly finance key projects that would otherwise not be realized or only in part.

How do you make sure that donations are used as intended?

UZH has been promoting research and education since 1833 and has proved time and again that basic research isn’t just a theoretical endeavor but is used for numerous everyday applications. As Switzerland’s largest comprehensive university and one of the best 100 universities in the world, UZH has repeatedly shown that it holds a key position among the large universities and embraces excellence in research and teaching. The selected research projects align with the strategic priorities of UZH and are chosen and prioritized based on social relevance.

What is the structural basis for the UZH Foundation’s activities?

All of the UZH Foundation’s activities are guided by the Swiss Foundation Code. The foundation’s statutes are determined by the Board of Trustees, which takes strategic decisions regarding the foundation and ensures that the purpose of the foundation is achieved.


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