What We Do and Why

Our Vision

Everything our foundation does serves a specific goal – to support the University of Zurich (UZH) in all its endeavors so that it can continue to produce excellent research and provide high-quality teaching. Our support is rooted in a firm belief in the positive effects of science and research. Through science, we can move mountains and achieve great things. 

Not only does research improve the lives of people and animals and show us how to treat the environment sustainably, it also allows us to dream. And where there are dreams, there can be progress. That’s the University of Zurich. An inspiring, progressive institution that puts people center stage.

Our Mission

As the University of Zurich’s foundation, we are committed to promoting Zurich’s and Switzerland’s standing as a hub for education and research as well as finding ways to provide targeted support for UZH’s ideas and projects. We develop links between businesses and institutions, and help to create synergies and build networks. If a lack of funding is standing in the way of cutting-edge research, we handle fundraising in the private sector to benefit the University’s projects. The opportunities to get involved with UZH are as diverse as UZH itself.



Annelise Alig Anderhalden

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