Adding to the Success

The University of Zurich has a long history of top research in the field of life sciences. Nobel laureate Rolf Zinkernagel or Charles Weissmann, co-founder of Biogen, are two examples of UZH’s success. Over the past 15 years, over 100 spin-offs have emerged from UZH – many in the life sciences. The UZH Life Sciences Fund aims to build on this momentum and add to the success.

HS WyssZurich
Skin transplants of the spin-off "CUTISS", which is funded by the UZH Life Sciences Fund. (©Wyss Zurich)

Supporting Life Sciences and Biotech Spin-Offs

The UZH Life Sciences Fund supports spin-offs in the field of life sciences and biotech in Switzerland. Developing marketable applications takes a long time and clinical trials are expensive, which is why it’s particularly difficult for spin-offs in their early stages to secure funding

The UZH Foundation and the Novartis Venture Fund contribute to the fund in equal measure and as equal partners, with each having added three million francs at the start. CUTISS and Anaveon are the first two spin-offs to get the backing of the UZH Life Sciences Fund, and further seed funding for fledgling businesses is in the pipeline.

Your Support
The UZH Life Sciences Fund aims to establish a capital base of 20 million francs. To achieve this goal, the UZH Foundation needs patrons. Your support helps us to speed up the process of translating research findings from UZH into clinical practice.

Overview of Projects
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