Supporting Students Financially

The scholarship fund of the University of Zurich was established to support students who cannot afford the financial cost of studying for various reasons.

Give education now

In the spirit of equal opportunities, the scholarship fund aims to provide academic access to all those interested in studying, regardless of their socio-cultural background. A mixed student body is good for diversity and the open exchange of opinions. The UZH scholarship fund works closely with the Student Financial Aid Office.

Enabling Access to University

For many young adults, studying means a double burden. Education and student life cost money, while the opportunities to support themselves with employment are severely limited due to the time spent attending classes.

By contributing to the scholarship fund, you support students who, despite their talent and motivation, would otherwise be unable to access a university education. This applies above all to students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, but also to highly gifted students who are unable to realize their potential because they need above-average financial resources to do so. With your contribution, you help to ensure that talented students have access to higher education.


Sabine Schweidler
Partnerships and Philanthropy

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