A Boost for Academic Career Development at UZH

Encouraging young academics, developing talent, widening access to higher education: the UZH Foundation manages UZH’s student grant fund, creating even closer ties with the university’s grant offices to increase access to education and support young and gifted academics.

The University of Zurich’s student grant fund, which is partially financed through private third-party funds, promotes equal opportunities by providing students with financial support. The fund’s grants and scholarships enable students whose financial situation would otherwise prevent them from pursuing studies to access university education. Promoting young academic careers not only increases diversity, enriches academic discourse and fosters excellent research but also benefits Zurich and Switzerland as a business hub in the long term.

Securing funding for grants and scholarships

The University of Zurich and the UZH Foundation have now stepped up their collaboration in the area of grants and scholarships by establishing the student grant fund at UZH. In addition to managing the administrative aspects of the fund, the UZH Foundation carries out fundraising to ensure the fund’s long-term financial viability. To this end, we work hand in hand with foundations and private individuals who are committed to supporting the next generation of students at UZH.

Funding will continue to be awarded through the relevant offices at the University of Zurich, which handle all applications from students applying for funding and are in direct contact with the recipients.

Support the next generation

Help us support young academics at the University of Zurich and promote equal opportunities. Thank you!


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Challenge Accepted: High-speed AI Drone Overtakes World-Champion Drone Racers

In a milestone for artificial intelligence (AI), the AI system “Swift”, designed by UZH researchers, has beaten the world champions in drone racing – a result that seemed unattainable just a few years ago. The AI-piloted drone was trained in a simulated…

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#SOLAgegenKrebs: Taking a Stand against Cancer

The UZH Foundation and the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich (CCCZ) launched a further fundraising campaign at the SOLA relay race to combat cancer.

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Funding Advisory Board and two of the 2023 Brain Diseases Award winners.

Brain Diseases Award 2023: And the winners are...

We sincerely congratulate Manuela Pérez Berlanga, Daniel Gonzalez Bohorquez and Yi Xiao (Sean) Jiang for receiving this year's Brain Diseases Award!

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