[Translate to English:] hinten v.l.: Dominik Heitzmann (UZH Foundation), Annelise Alig Anderhalden (UZH Foundation), Katrin Polzer (Excellence Foundation), Christian Schwarzenegger (UZH), Marlies Heerdegen Lauterburg (Vontobel Foundation), Florian Scheuer (Department of Economics), Harald Gall (UZH) vorne v.l.: Maja Baumann-Brunner (Vontobel Foundation), Hans-Dieter Vontobel (Vontobel Foundation), Michael Schaepman (UZH), Peter Maurer (Vontobel Foundation)

New Endowed Professorship in Sustainable Economics

Another milestone has been reached: the Department of Economics at UZH is creating a new endowed professorship in sustainable economics in partnership with the Vontobel Foundation.

Fundamental changes in our economy and society are needed if we want to effectively combat climate change. How can we manage resources in a sustainable way while maintaining our level of prosperity? Which countries, industries and companies will emerge as the winners of climate change, and which will lose out? How can we achieve international cooperation when it comes to environmental policies?

These are just some of the issues researchers at the Department of Economics are investigating as part of the research priority Achieving a Sustainable Economy. UZH has now created a professorship for sustainable economics at the Department of Economics, endowed by the Vontobel Foundation.  Earlier this year, representatives of the Vontobel Foundation, the University of Zurich, the UZH Foundation and Excellence Foundation came together to celebrate this milestone. 

The UZH Foundation welcomes this cooperation and thanks the Vontobel Foundation for supporting teaching and research activities at the Department of Economics.

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Challenge Accepted: High-speed AI Drone Overtakes World-Champion Drone Racers

In a milestone for artificial intelligence (AI), the AI system “Swift”, designed by UZH researchers, has beaten the world champions in drone racing – a result that seemed unattainable just a few years ago. The AI-piloted drone was trained in a simulated…

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#SOLAgegenKrebs: Taking a Stand against Cancer

The UZH Foundation and the Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich (CCCZ) launched a further fundraising campaign at the SOLA relay race to combat cancer.

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Funding Advisory Board and two of the 2023 Brain Diseases Award winners.

Brain Diseases Award 2023: And the winners are...

We sincerely congratulate Manuela Pérez Berlanga, Daniel Gonzalez Bohorquez and Yi Xiao (Sean) Jiang for receiving this year's Brain Diseases Award!

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