High-precision radiation device saves animals’ lives

Treating animal patients demands a highly sensitive approach on the part of medical personnel. The technical requirements for the devices used for treatment are also very high and comparable to those used in human medicine. 

The animal hospital has been successfully using a high-precision radiation device for cancer treatment up to the present day. In 2023, this device will have reached its lifespan and will therefore have to be replaced. The future radiation device should not only meet the highest standards, but should also enable further development of treatment methods that will also be used in human medicine.

Generating new knowledge beyond veterinary medicine

Less suffering for animal patients: Cancer treatment for animal patients places high demands on humans and machines. The precision of the new radiation device will enable even better results, especially for smaller animal patients – and will substantially reduce their suffering.
Expanded knowledge about cancer treatment: The use of the planned radiation device will result in new knowledge, which will benefit future animal patients. The radiation oncology department regularly shares this knowledge with outside parties, creating synergies between animal and human medicine.

A well-established team

The radiation oncology team led by Prof. Dr. Carla Rohrer Bley consists of 12 medical staff and two biologists, including seven young researchers, who, thanks to the future radiation device, will take the newly acquired knowledge beyond the animal hospital.


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